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We help patients find clinical trials

We help patients obtain access to experimental drugs and therapies when they do not qualify for a clinical trial

We work on patients' behalf with pharmaceutical companies and regulators to insure a prompt response to access requests to investigational therapies

We help patients expedite urgent requests for access

We guide patients and their doctors through the FDA's Expanded Access regulatory framework

We take care of the paperwork

We provide expert and compassionate phone support to patients and doctors

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Are all clinical trials available listed here?

Yes, all clinical trials listed on the FDA's database are listed here

How is this different from

All trials on are listed here. We use a much more powerful search engine to help patients find experimental therapies easier. We also help patients get access to non-approved compounds when they do not qualify to participate in a trial.

How can you offer this service for free?

We are always working for the patient. Patients are our priority.  For a small fee trial sponsors can customize their contact information, create custom questionnaires, and design specific application processes for providing access to their non-approved therapies. Each investigational therapy and each study sponsor are unique.  A customized experience helps streamline and facilitate the access request for everyone. Our services help trial sponsors save money by outsourcing a significant part of the patient contact.  

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